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China Glaze “Ready to Wear” Fall 2018

China Glaze “Ready to Wear” Fall 2018

Next up, I have the new China Glaze collection for Fall 2018. It’s modeled after the fashion industry. I bought this collection at Head 2 Toe Beauty. It is also available at many retail stores including Ulta.

Swatch Out!
Throwing Suede
Central Parka
Vest Friends
Chic Happens
Pleather Weather
Pay It Fashion Foward
Sample Sizing Me Up
You Don’t Know Jacket
Aut-Umm I Need That
Mustard the Courage
Orly Fall 2018 Neutrals

Orly Fall 2018 Neutrals

Fall lines are starting to come out! I don’t know about you, but I love the fall season. The weather starts to get cooler, leaves start to change color, and pumpkin everything hits the shelves. Here is the Orly fall collection of neutrals that I got using the Orly Color Pass subscription. If you are interested in the Color Pass box, click here.

The Orly website is here.

Orly Summer 2018: Neon Earth

Orly Summer 2018: Neon Earth

The summer Orly Color Pass came to my house a long time ago and I’m finally sitting down to post it. I haven’t worn all of the shades as full manicures yet but I do have a picture of one posted down at the bottom using the shade called “Valley of Fire”. It’s not normally the kind of shade I would gravitate towards. The manicure turned out fine but I wasn’t in love with the color. Like with many metallic shades, you do end up with a lot of brush strokes. I just don’t have the patience to sponge on a polish to combat that. I always forget that Orly has that large wide paddle brush and it takes me a minute to get the hang of it. The box did come with a bottle of their glossy top coat, nail gems and striping tape for nail art. I don’t do nail art very often so I will hold on to those for a later date.