Purr Post: New Fur Babies!

Purr Post: New Fur Babies!

A few weeks ago, I took in two sweet kitties. Rigby is the orange tabby and Lucy is the gray tabby. Rigby’s DOB is listed as 9/13/16 and Lucy’s DOB is 11\8\16. So, these are are way younger then Sophie and Izzy who are both about 13 years old. Both cats were previously owned by my manger, Katy. But, with kids, cats, and a dog she felt that a new home for these two was a good idea. So, I took them both!

The new cats stayed separated  from the old cats for several days in my office. Then came the switch where I let them out of the office while the older two stayed in my bedroom. Over the span of about a week, we finally got to where they could all be out in the house together.

Rigby is a playful, feisty kitty. He’s also quite interested in Sophie. She tolerates it. If a cat could roll it’s eyes, Sophie would. Rigby is all about the feathers on stick toys, toy mice, balls, and the white plastic cap on my door stops. Lucy is less playful but she has her moments.

Since I was getting two more cats, both with their front claws, I prepared by ordering two new cat trees. I know declawing of cats is frowned upon so having cat trees and scratching posts are essential now. My vacuum cleaner is going to get quite a work out! I’ve been spending a lot of time with them the past few days. I recently had surgery so I’m at home recovering. More to come on that part later. Keep an eye on my Instagram for lots of cute photos!


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