The Holo Hookup: July 2017

The Holo Hookup: July 2017

These photos are of the polishes that were in the July Holo Hookup box. They are no  longer available for purchase but you can check out the website and see what is up for the next month! The Holo Hookup  These boxes are usually a pre-order situation. You pre-order the box and then the makers know how much product to make. When that is complete, they will send out your order! It is not a subscription service. You do have to go to the website every month you want to order. I haven’t ordered every month because I feel like I have polishes already that are similar to those being offered. If I order a box, it’s because there is something in it that I feel is special or a brand I haven’t tried. I still have a lot of polish I haven’t even worn yet. I don’t really need to get polishes that are too similar already to ones I own. I did wear all of these as full manicures. I’m not into the “swatch, photo, remove” technique. All of my manicures last about the same amount of time because of my job so I can’t talk to how long they will last.

“Pink Beach” by Different Dimension Polish
“Waikiki Beach” by Fair Maiden Polish
“Trunk Bay” by Glisten and Glow
“Horseshoe Bay Beach” by Cupcake Polish

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