A life update…

A life update…

I know I don’t post much about my private life. I wanted this blog to be a light, fun spot in a world of shit. But my foot still hurts. I did see the PA at my surgeons office last Tuesday. The pain is from the screws in my heel. It can subside but it will take months. I start water therapy tomorrow for the fibromyalgia. I do like to swim but I’ve never done it in this fashion. I’ll have to find my one piece bathing suit and make sure it even fits! My diet is less than stellar and there is a chance I will look like a killer whale flopping around in a pool. I don’t often paint my toenails but I just might since I’ll be showing my feet to some unsuspecting human being.

I have appointments made for myself and the eye doctor and for each of the cats at the vet.  Work is still work. It gets a little easier with hiring new people but I still seem to get out of there at the same time no matter what. (If you’re looking for a night gig, hit me up.) The pain level hasn’t really changed. I would hope that I would get out of work a little earlier so that I could go to the gym. Working out is a key part of my pain management. It seems strange, I know. I wake up feeling like I’ve been hit by a train and I still want to work out. It’s a mental obstacle that takes time to overcome. I have to keep reminding myself that my pain is not being caused by injury. It’s just a condition that I have and it’s just going to stick around until a cure is found. I’ve been able to tell the difference between pain caused by the fibromyalgia and pain from injury or overexertion. That’s how I knew something was wrong with my foot. We’ll see how I feel after this water gig. *sigh*

Luckily, I have nail polish and YouTube videos to keep me distracted and entertained.




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