The foot journey….

The foot journey….


It’s been over a year since this journey with my foot began. I used to work out at the gym many days of the week. Now, not so much. My workouts are at physical therapy. Last winter, I went and saw my usual orthopedist about my ankle pain. There really wasn’t much he could do for me so he referred me to Dr. Gregory Berlet over in Westerville. If you can see in the picture, my first xray was in February of 2016. It didn’t really show anything so we had to move onto the MRI. After that didn’t show much, it was on to physical therapy. I did that all spring and summer. Two rounds just for this foot. (And an additional round from my rheumatologist.) My foot was still leaning inwards (overpronating) when standing and causing pain. I wore a brace on my ankle for months! It complete ruined my shoes. They are full of holes. My trips to the gym became fewer and fewer as the pain and PT ruled what little time I had outside of work. So, it was decided to go ahead with the surgery. What the MRI didn’t show was the tearing of the ligaments on the inside portion of my foot. That’s where those lovely screws come in. A piece of tissue was taken from my calf to use in fixing the tear. I was in a cast for six weeks and then a walking boot. I’m not back at physical therapy working on figuring out the “new” foot.


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