Let’s get catty: Izzy

Let’s get catty: Izzy

My sweet fuzzy boy cat. He’s been a good kitty ever since he wandered into my life. For the record, his full name is Isidore Carmine Codispoti Joseph. Yeah, it’s long. I wanted to give him an Italian sounding name. So I used some family names and one non family and ta da! Izzy. Izzy pretty much keeps a schedule every day. He helps get me out of bed for work. I feed him and put water in his upstairs water bowl. After work, he wants his water bowl refilled and, naturally, more food. When I lie down for bed, he will usually hop up and wait for me to roll over onto my back. Then he feels free to lay on my chest. He tends to roll backwards so that he is nestled under my chin. Although quite cute, it isn’t a good thing after applying fresh lip balm. He gets his lovin and then moves on. He keeps life simple.


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